Totally Chocolate- Moist chocolate cake with a rich chocolate icing.

Raspberry Delight- Our signature white cake with a sweet raspberry filling and topped with our fresh butter cream icing

California Cream- Sweet chocolate cake filled in with a generous layers of custard topped with a rich chocolate ganache…and white cake crumbs and toasted almonds are placed around the edges

Black and White Cake - A layer of fluffy white cake and moist chocolate cakes covered in chocolate icing and drenched in a rich chocolate ganache

German Chocolate Cake - Moist chocolate cake topped with our homemade sweet German topping

Mocha - Chocolate cake covered in a chocolate icing with the perfect hint of coffee flavoring

Carrot - An old fashioned favorite. Moist carrot cake packed with pecans and the perfect amount of spices (no raisins or pineapple)

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cake - Yummy white cake layered in between fresh custard and fresh strawberries topped with whipped cream and garnished with chocolate covered strawberries

Black Forest Cake - Chocolate cake with cherry rum filling and topped with whipped cream and even more cherry filling

Cheesecakes - Plain, chocolate chip, mocha, and fruit topped (all have a delicious graham cracker crust)