Additional Information

Multigrain- This is the one everyone is talking about….loaded with sunflower seeds and baked with love

100% Whole Wheat- Soft and Fluffy 100% whole wheat bread sweetened with honey and baked to perfection

Butter Crust- Soft and fluffy with butter melted right into the crust

Honey Corn- Soft and fluffy inside with a crunchy crust and hint of sweetness

Sesame Herb- Oregano, rosemary and dill help spice this bread up

Rye - The perfect blend of caraway.......perfect for your pastrami sandwich


French Roll - Sweet fresh bread baked to a light golden brown

Sourdough - Our customers favorite. A classic sourdough roll baked to perfection

Multigrain Roll - This one is killer - loaded with sunflower seeds and baked till the crust is nice and crunchy

Whole Wheat Roll - Sweetened with only honey, this roll is light, soft, and fluffy