A Sweet Affair Bakery & Cafe 1815 F Ygnacio Valley Rd Walnut Creek, CA 94598 925.944.1910

Baked Goods,

Baked Goods:

Danish - These are sticky sweet and oh so good we have blueberry, cranberry, apple, cherry and cream cheese

Scones - The biggest scones you have ever seen….in blueberry, cranberry, apple cinnamon, raisin, and maple walnut

Cinnamon Rolls - A sweet dough swirled with cinnamon and lathered with sweet icing

Sticky Nut Rolls - Sticky, gooey and just plain yummy theses have become a bakery favorite over the years

California Delight - Our signature baked good…cinnamon, sugar, brown sugar and walnuts all topped with a sweet icing

Filled Croissants - Rich butter croissant filled with chocolate, blueberry, cherry or cream cheese and baked until golden brown

Butter Croissant - Flaky, moist, crisp and delicious

Cinnamon Twists - Soft buttery dough with a flaky cinnamon sugar crust 

Cinnamon Pillow - Soft and fluffy sweet dough covered in sweet cinnamon & sugar

Raspberry Twist - Our sweet danish dough twisted around raspberry and cream cheese and baked to a beautiful golden brown

Muffins -
your choice of :
Old fashioned blueberry
Cranberry orange
Carrot cake
Banana nut
Chocolate chip
Honey bran
Raisin bran
Cream cheese bran
Blueberry bran
And cranberry bran

Coffee cakes

Your choice of maple walnut, or danish coffee cakes perfect for an office meeting or family breakfast

A Sweet Affair Bakery/Cafe
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